JFK Ibiza on FM in your car or home

Listen to JFK Ibiza through our FM Transmitters. Tune your radio to 101.1 FM on Ibiza and Formentera. If you're in an area with bad reception contact us immediately and use our online stream to listen in the meanwhile.


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JFK Ibiza on DAB+: Digital Radio

Listen to JFK Ibiza in superior digital quality via DAB+. Whether you're in Madrid, Benidorm, Alicante, Valencia or on Ibiza: listen to JFK Ibiza through Digital Radio.

Scan for new frequencies and find us on one of the DAB+ frequencies below. Look for a 'Rescan channels' option on your carradio if you can't find JFK Ibiza.

Ibiza / Formentera: 6B - Valencia: 8D - Murcia/Alicante: 9D - Madrid: 10D


 JFK Ibiza Web Player

JFK Ibiza Online with our Web Player

From over the air to on the web, listen to JFK Ibiza anytime and anywhere online! The JFK Ibiza Web player is available 24/7 and is supported by most major desktop and mobile internet browsers.


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Listen to JFK Ibiza with our App. Enjoy the JFK Ibiza App on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone or iPad!

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Listen to JFK Ibiza through TuneIn or the TuneIn App, available for Android, iPhone, or iPad.

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